Capital Roundel 1/2018

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This calendar year has shown us what hard work can achieve. We are seeing a number of new members joining us which is great! Some of you will know that the Club’s relationship with our dealership in the past has been a little distant, this is something that we have been working on and I’m glad to say that Rolfe Classic BMW are also working hard alongside us….

Capital Roundel 3/2017

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This final issue of the club newsletter for 2017 sees us bring to a close a pretty busy year for the club. Your hard-working committee beavered away on many activities over the year, some more successful than others and some better attended than others. But in the end, I think we can call it a very successful year…

Capital Roundel 2/2017

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Can you believe another 3 months has flown by?! 2017 is disappearing as quick as it started, not before we’ve had a chance to make some significant progress though…

Capital Roundel 1/2017

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As I write this I am reflecting on how 2017 began – just as 2016 ended! I had hoped that things might slow down and provide an opportunity to focus on a few key points. Although it hasn’t slowed down, we have been working hard on things that matter most. We have seen some changes in the committee, a renewed focus on getting some long standing issues out of the way and being able to enjoy more of what the club has to offer. We’ve had some great drives, a couple of tech nights and we have made significant inroads to bringing the club into the digital age…