Dave Burnett’s awe inspiring 2000 Touring

For those of you that are wondering why you haven’t seen this gorgeous car getting around town it’s because it doesn’t actually live in the ACT, although it did when Dave found it…. Dave is one of a handful of dedicated 2002 enthusiasts that made the journey south from the Gold Coast for the recent Shannons Wheels car show. I am glad he did, this car has been in my thoughts for some time and seeing it in person has made my love of tourings even stronger…


Back to where it all began

Dave has been a car enthusiast for many years, since before I was born to be exact. Why an ’02 touring you ask? Well, you have Dave’s wife Sue to thank for this glorious piece of motoring history. In the late ’70’s and early ’80’s Dave worked overseas and during this time he managed to squeeze in some travel. One of these jaunts took him to the scenic countryside of Germany where a car caught Sue’s attention and it was love at first sight. You guessed right, it was a 2000 Touring. It was a Fjord Blau example hidden down a side street. From that moment Dave vowed to one day own one. Fast forward some 25 years to April 2005. The stars aligned and a car Dave had known about came up for sale and was to be sold as soon as possible. Dave was in the right place at the right time.


The Love Affair Begins

Dave took ownership of the bright beauty on April 15th 2005. One year and one week later he presented to the world his take on it, something he swears he will take with him to his next life. If you are anything like me, this car is the ideal combination of classic, practical and head turning perfection.


The Build

Spend five minutes with this big kid and you’ll soon understand he’s as humble as you are ever likely to find. As an ‘Aussie Battler’ Dave isn’t the kind of person who can afford for someone else to build his ideal car. As a mechanic from the era that didn’t have computer wizardry and where things had to be rebuilt, not just replaced, he started an epic journey. I asked when the restoration started and Dave is quick to correct me, describing it as a rebuild, not a restoration. He is adamant it isn’t a concourse car….it’s pretty close if you ask me!

For a car that is over 30 years old it is surprisingly rust free before being ‘rebuilt’. I would suggest this is in part thanks to the relatively kind environment it lived in for much of its life. ACT would have to be one of the best states to live in as a classic car enthusiast, far away from the salty air of the coast and big enough to give you the perks of city living.

Back to the car….As good as this car was in standard form Dave adds his own touch. The wheel arches have a subtle flare courtesy of some Ford Laser guards (who would have thought!). The thing that really makes this car was Dave choice of colour. The original white looked good but it’s white, a colour that should be reserved for taxi’s, police cars and delivery vans. The 70’s saw some bold colours introduced however, Dakar Yellow wasn’t one of them. It is different and it doesn’t suit everyone’s tastes. In the case of this 2000 Touring it is a match made in heaven.


It looks good but….does it go?

You betcha! This isn’t Dave’s first foray into Classic BMW’s having owned a couple of 2002’s already. The touring received a mechanical rebuild as well, including the engine. As I delved into the specs of the build I found myself scratching my head. How on earth did someone work out that Holden 202 rods and pistons fit into the M10?! I guess it’s been proven in the animal world that you can build something special by mixing and matching (think Wallaroo, Liger) so why not a car. This takes it to a modest 2110cc engine which accompanied by a 310 degree cam, forged crank and uprated valve springs and twin Weber carburetors results with greater performance, somewhere in the region of 180hp. Not bad for an engine first introduced in the early ’60’s!

As a complete package this car is hard to beat. Hats off Dave, thanks for brightening our weekend and we look forward to seeing you again 🙂

Words: Luke Wise
Photography: Jordan James