This is THE BEST Marketing video EVER!
Anyone interested in joining a convoy to the Adelaide Motorsport Festival?!

It's going to be a good race for 2018! Campsites are booked, come join us for a sensational weekend of Motorsport! Is 2018 the year the M6 will reign supreme?! Sure hope so!

Took the M6 down to German Auto Day in Sydney this weekend. Won 2nd in its class again. Came back to Canberra via the Great Pacific Drive to Wollongong and then down the coast to Batemans and back to Canberra. Awesome drive - very scenic and just what these old classics were designed for!

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A great way to end a successful club hosting of the German Auto Day! Tony Nasser launched his Amphicar into Lake Burley Griffin. So cool!

For those that are interested the Amphicar of @Tony Nassar will be cruising ON Lake Burley Griffin! There will be a tour of the Kingston Foreshore Harbour as well - not often you see a car driving ON WATER!!

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