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April 8 @ 9:30 am - 3:30 pm Sutton Driver Centre ACT Australia
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April 28 - April 29
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June 2018





Welcome to the BMW Club Canberra website. 

The BMW Car Club Canberra formed in 1985 and was originally named the BMW Club ACT. The Club is affiliated with BMW Clubs Australia and is one of 16 Australian clubs covering motorcycles and cars. Through the national body the club is part of the global family of BMW Clubs covered by the Munich based International Council of BMW Clubs with over 200,000 members.

2018 is going to be amazing!

2018 is shaping up to be an incredible year with a number of awesome events already planned including skid pan days, defensive driver training, countless social gatherings and drive days, with many more still to come. Jump over to our events calendar to check them out. Our events are open to all of our members and with our new membership portal, it’s never been easier to join!

2018 AGM

2018 BMW Car Club Canberra – AGM Minutes

Meeting Commenced: 19:40 pm

President’s Report

We have been exceptionally busy since the Annual General Meeting of November 2016. During this time we have seen a great effort from the team. I say team because running any organisation cannot be done by any one person. The time, ideas, effort and organisation that has been given is to be commended.

I am extremely proud to have been the President of our great club this last 12 months. Having hit the ground running with the new committee we got to work on a number of things that required attention, including our web and social media presence. We did have a couple of stumbling blocks along the way, our newly appointed webmaster and membership officer was unable to continue in the role earlier this year and left a significant gap in our capabilities. We were extremely lucky to find a replacement membership officer in the form of Bernie Figge who has been a godsend to us, proving handy with hardware and Microsoft Access! The time and effort involved in sorting out the data, getting all members their new membership cards and keeping on top of all membership requests has been a HUGE effort.

We had two really successful car shows with German Auto Day being our biggest turnout ever. With the support of Rolfe Classic BMW we had an amazing 60 cars on display!

We introduced two new positions at last year’s AGM, Social Events and Technical Advisor. The ensuing tech nights and tech support provided has been well received and it would be great to see us extend on this into 2018. A revised format may be in order to accommodate the needs of our tech person and club members. Social Events started well and has for the most part has been well supported. The drives and destinations have been great, we welcome any feedback on ways to improve.

On the Social Media front – Our ‘Likes’ on Facebook have doubled in 18 months, thanks to our continued efforts on social media and persistence with organising great events. From comments I have received from many people in various areas they like what we are doing.

As of this evening, we have 84 full memberships with a further 28 additional card holders. This equates to approximately 30% increase in full memberships compared with 2016 and a total of 112 members.

Lastly, with all things that are successful there are people behind the scenes that need to be recognised. Again, I have to thank the great team that was this year’s committee. In addition, the support that my wife Sarah and parents Ian and Yvonne have provided has been exceptional and I would not have survived the year without them. On that note, I also need to thank Nick for his great support not only as Vice President and his contributions to the club but as a great mate as well, providing support for all that life has thrown my way in 2017.

Treasurer’s Report

The Club’s accounts for 2016–17 were audited by Leif Nilsson, an experienced bookkeeper and the Club is officially financially healthy. In the opinion of the Auditor, the financial reports for the Club present fairly the financial position of the BMW Car Club Canberra Inc. Copies of the auditor’s report are available for members and also copies of just the financial statements.

The Club’s finances are sound with the income generated more than covering expenditure as it has for the last few years. While both income and expenditure appear to be similar, they are in fact a little less than last year’s figures being bolstered by the sale of the car that was donated, a ‘fire sale’ of old merchandise and the expenses incurred on the car. The Club had a net profit of $571.

The Club currently has a healthy bank balance following the sale of the second car in September and the receipt of membership fees for 2017 following the work done on the membership database. As of 31 October the Club had a bank balance of $14,386.

The Club funds are held in two no expenses/no interest accounts and current Committee recommends that that some money be invested in term deposits with Bendigo Bank. The Club has a third account to make it easier to account for funds designated for specified events like skidpan training and the Christmas in July function.

This overall sound financial result means that there is no pressure on the next committee to raise fees if there are no significant changes to the Club’s operation or membership levels. The major income of the Club remains membership fees.

The Club has two regular major events during the financial year—a presentation and the German Auto day. The cost ($10 per member) of catering for the presentation held again at the Cotter Reserve was kept low by self-catering around a German theme. A raffle and auction held on the day raised $150. Including the costs of trophies, the event was subsidised by the Club by $86. Participation fees for the German Auto Day covered the organiser’s fees, the catering for members and part of the cost of trophies. The remainder of the cost was covered by the Club. On paper it looks like the cost of the German Auto Day has gone down last financial year but the cost of trophies was not counted separately in 2015–16.

Sales income on merchandise has increased with sales of existing stock paid for in previous financial years. New merchandise is expected to be an area of expenditure next year.

The Club also runs a PayPal account which enables greater flexibility in payments. This system is much cheaper for the Club than running a credit card facility and the Club is considering how it can utilise PayPal for payments at Club events.

I also would like to thank the current and past Committees and Club members I have worked with over the last few years for their support and assistance and wish the new Committee well for the future.

Chairperson Notes

Nominations received for:

President: Luke Wise – Elected unopposed
Vice President: Nick Coetzee – Elected unopposed
Secretary: No Nominations received, none from the floor – Doug to assist until he moves in Early 2017
Treasurer: Lorna Kunz nominated by the floor (Nick Coetzee) – Elected unopposed
Events: Two nominations received – Tony Griffiths, Craig Saxon – votes for Tony: 5, votes for Craig: 9 – Craig elected
Membership Officer: Bernie Figge – Elected unopposed
Editor: Jon Havelock – Elected unopposed
Motorsport: Ash Dyall – Elected unopposed
Merchandise: Nominated from the floor: Graham Ball – Elected unopposed – Nominated by Ian Cartwright, seconded by Nick Coetzee
Dealer Liaison: Nick Coetzee – Elected unopposed
Historic and Special Interest Vehicles: Don Campbell nominated by the floor by Nick Coetzee, seconded by Yvonne Wise
Webmaster: Alan Howard – Elected unopposed
Delegate: Luke Wise – Elected unopposed
Technical Specialist: Nominated from the floor: Ian Wise – By Lorna Kunz – Elected unopposed
Social Events: Nominated from the floor: Ros Ryan – by Craig Saxon, seconded by Don Campbell

General Business

Discussion around how the club should proceed for the future:

  • More notice to be provided for events
  • Webmaster proposed to bring in event subscriptions on the website to help with gaining numbers
  • Great discussion about events for 2018 and how we can promote events in a more efficient and smarter way
  • Types of events we would like to see: Spirited Drives
  • Motorsport – Driver training, Skid pan days, Track days – Combined motorsport days (e.g. @ Wakefield Park)

Meeting Closed: 20:22pm

2016 AGM

A message from the incoming president – Luke Wise:

“We had a great turn out at the 2016 AGM and the resulting committee is a team that I feel will make the club even better. I am proud to say that I am now the President of the BMW Car Club Canberra, a position I intend to devote myself to in order to see us grow and prosper.

For some of you this doesn’t mean much. Others will know I have put in a lot of effort into the club this year to really show the ACT and car enthusiasts what we are about and to bring some of the hidden gems out of the woodwork. We have some big plans for the club over the next 12 months, something which I hope will convince those of you that aren’t members to bite the bullet and officially join us.

Stay tuned, we’ll have some big announcements in the coming weeks.”

The results of the AGM are below with a number of new positions being added to the club’s committee:

Executive Committee Members:

  • President: Luke Wise – Elected Unopposed
  • Vice President: Nick Coetzee – Elected Unopposed
  • Treasurer: Nominees – Lorna Kunz, Doug McDonald – Lorna Elected
  • Secretary: Ian Cartwright – Elected Unopposed

Non-Executive Committee Members:

  • Motorsport: Ashwin Dyall – Elected Unopposed
  • Events Member: Tony Griffiths – Elected Unopposed
  • Editor: Jon Havelock – Elected Unopposed
  • Public Officer: Ron Larson – Elected Unopposed
  • Merchandise Officer: Rachel and Graham Ball – Elected Unopposed
  • Webmaster: Tim Grosvenor-Jones – Elected Unopposed
  • Membership Officer: Tim Grosvenor-Jones – Elected Unopposed
  • Dealer Liaison Officer: Nominees – Luke Wise/Nick Coetzee – Nick Elected
  • Delegate:Luke Wise – Elected Unopposed
  • CRS and Historic Registration: Don Campbell – Elected Unopposed
  • (New Position) Technical Specialist: Ian Wise – Elected Unopposed
  •  (New Position) Social Coordinator: Ros Ryan – Elected Unopposed

Bay to Birdwood entries now open!

Bay to Birdwood entries now open!

The Federation of Historic Motoring Clubs SA invites the 2016 Bay to Birdwood entrants and other motoring enthusiasts to join
us for a fortnight of interesting and fun events. We hope you will enjoy taking part in our various events and at the same time
see a little more of Adelaide and its surrounds.
2016 Start B2B002_DL Map_FA1(digital)

For further details please find the entry form and welcome letter below:
2016 B2B Entry Form (colour_digital)
2016 Motorfest Welcome and short versions email

We’re now CAMS affiliated!

Excellent News! Our Club is now a CAMS affiliated sporting car club! It’s a great move for us and I’m sure some of our members will be glad to know we support their need to drive their BMW as the maker intended. Looking forward to seeing you trackside

Facebook photo

Breaking news! BMW 2002 Hommage


BMW is quite famous for its gorgeous Hommage concepts, concept cars designed to re-imagine some of the brand’s classic cars of the past. Most recently was its BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage, which was a modern take on the 3.0 CSL race car of the ’70s. Well, BMW has created a new Hommage Concept, one that is quite possibly the most important of any the brand has done so far — the BMW 2002 Hommage.

BMW 2002 Hommage 13 750x500

Top Gear drives the BMW M3 Competition Package

[Source: BMWBLOG]

The current F80 BMW M3 is considered to be one of the better driver’s cars on the market and one of the best BMWs currently on sale. But if there is a criticism of the way the M3 handles, it’s that it can be a bit of a handful. Poke the throttle even just a bit too much through a corner and the M3 will slide, often times more than many drivers can control. So the M3 can be a bit bitey if you’re not careful.

BMW recently launched a new Competition Pack for the M3, which adds a bit more horsepower, makes it a bit lighter, stiffens up the suspension and tweaks the electronic M Differential a bit. All of this is supposed to add up to make the M3 a more focused driving machine and a bit less wild. Has it worked? Top Gear seems to think so.

BMW M3 M4 Competition Package 5 750x562 Top Gear drives the BMW M3 Competition Package


BMW F82 M4 Gets An Akrapovic Exhaust Racing Exhaust

BMW F82 M4 With An Akrapovic Exhaust System 4 750x500 BMW F82 M4 Gets An Akrapovic Exhaust Racing Exhaust

Akrapovic started small. They were once only present in the motorbike world, producing some unorthodox aftermarket exhaust system. After a lot of hard work nad dedication they are today one of the best manufacturers in the world of exhaust systems. Even BMW stock cars like the M5 use an Akrapovic-engineered exhaust system.


BMW will celebrates its 100th birthday at the 2016 Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion.

BMW will celebrates its 100th birthday at the 2016 Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion. The celebration takes place August 18-21, 2016 at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca on the scenic Monterey Peninsula.

“The Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion is a perfect stage on which to celebrate 100 years of BMW,” stated Ludwig Willisch, President and CEO, BMW of North America. “The BMW brand and the legend of The Ultimate Driving Machine was forged on and continues to be refined on racing circuits all over the world. In the United States, Laguna Seca has played a starring role. This year, our BMW Z4 GTLM racing cars finished 1-2 in IMSA competition there – almost 40 years to the date a BMW 3.0 CSL won our very first race on the classic circuit. BMW is delighted to be able to share our passion for great automobiles and motorsport with the world next year.”

bmw laguna seca 2015 images 112 750x499 BMW will celebrate its 100th anniversary at 2016 Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion


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